InvestClub California is your premier real estate club in Southern California. Our mission is to create the next generation of financially independent real estate investors.
If you are looking for a high energy, inspiring environment for connecting with other investors and getting educated, then this is the place for you. Our monthly events attract real estate investors and professionals from all experience level in a fun welcoming environment.

Iris Veneracion is the Director and Co-Founder of InvestClub. Iris Veneracion has over 10 years experience working in mortgage finance. In 2004, she decided to leave her “important” corporate job and go full time with real estate investing. In about 4 years, she managed to buy and sell over 40 properties. She started off her full-time real estate career by doing rehabs in Orange County. Then she began investing out of state for “long term holds” and cashflow. She has invested in various areas such as CA, TX, OH, NY, IL, IN, NV, FL and GA and is constantly open to new opportunities. Iris believes in the “Power of Partnerships”. Iris admits that not all her investments have been perfect. She had some great hits and some painful setbacks – all the more reason why her experience is a gift for all those she encounters. She takes the real estate investing business very seriously and understands that best way to learn is by taking action. She enjoys being the director of the dynamic group at InvestClub. She is looking for more powerful females interested in creating wealth through real estate investing.

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