2017 is now SOLD OUT! To be placed on a waiting list or for sponsorship in name only, please contact Joey Romero at 951-780-5856.

Purchase Sponsorship

Please follow the directions below to make sure you receive the full deduction and to ensure we process your donation correctly. 100% goes to charity and is nonrefundable once processed.

  1. Download the event form (PDF)
  2. Check which level of sponsorship you desire. Benefits listed in the table at the bottom of this page.
  3. Fax the form to Make-A-Wish at 951-321-0125 or email Aaron Norris
  4. For questions, call Aaron Norris 951-780-5856 x108
  5. IMPORTANT: After sending the form to Make-A-Wish, email Aaron Norris your company logo, company bio as it will appear online and all social media links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).
  6. Warning: Some sponsors purchase a table and then sell individual seats to attendees. Please be aware this method will not get your attendee a tax deduction. Call Aaron for how to make this happen where everyone gets the tax write-off. We like happy attendees!

Earn Sponsorship

This option is for groups or companies that plan on creating an “I Survived Real Estate” team to earn seats or sponsorship for the event. You’ll create a team, raise funds within your network, and earn a sponsorship and seats to the event with zero out of pocket! All donations must be in place by September 1st. Sponsorship is only earned when all $2,000 is earned. The sooner sponsorship is in the place, the more you can benefit.

  1. Email Aaron Norris and request to Earn Sponsorship
  2. Aaron will connect you to Make-A-Wish and guide you through the process. They will create a special team account where you can invite your network to join and fundraise together.
  3. All donation will need to go through your giving page to count towards your total. All donations are nonrefundable and 100% goes to charity

Thanks so much for your help! If you have questions, please call Aaron at the office at 951-780-5856 x108.

NOTE: All donations are made directly to Make a Wish through the Team. This formal dinner event includes visitation to the Nixon Museum, appetizers, 3-course meal, and the live event. Additional benefits are listed below for those that become platinum and gold sponsors. For full sponsor benefit, sponsor dollars must be in place by July 15.




1/(10 seats)
  2/(20 seats)
   Preferred Seating
 front of room
   Logo on Event Site
   SEO Optimized Profile
   Company on Flyers
   Company on Mailers
   Digital Signage at Event
   Logo on Event Video
   Company Name on Radio
   Event Program Ad
1/3 Page
 1/2 Page
   Press Release Mention
   Event Bag Marketing Opportunity

Note: All donations must be made through the I Survived Real Estate site is managed by Make-A-Wish. The Norris Group pays for the event so 100% of monies being raised goes to charity. Sponsors coming on board after July 15 may not receive all print and radio spot advertising opportunities. Please call 951-780-5856 with questions.