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Wilson Investment Properties is your source for quality turnkey “skin-in-the-game” real estate investments. We provide the highest cash flow income properties in the U.S., whether you need modern single family, multifamily, commercial real estate or multi-share syndications. Our properties are carefully selected by an experienced team and include leased tenants and full-service property management.

Most investors ask similar questions…

  • How do I choose the best investment?
  • Should I invest in commercial real estate…or residential?
  • How much $$$ do I need to get started?
  • What makes out-of-state investments have such great cash flow?
  • Who will guide me along the way?
  • Who will I call for help?

You can rely on the expertise, integrity, and knowledge of…

Texas Turnkey Investments

Wilson Investment Properties: Your Best Direct Source For Quality Investments

  • Transparency
  • Turnkey & Multi-Share
  • Highest Cash Flow
  • Lowest Risk Properties & Cities
  • Top Quality Tenants
  • Professional Management
  • 40+ Years’ Experience

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