Alan J. Vogan is the Chief Executive Officer for First Lending Solutions, a full service mortgage banker. While Alan has managed the company since 2005, Alan has effectively led the growth and expansion of a mortgage banking company during a time period from 2007 through the present time, where banks, mortgage companies and mortgage brokers alike have merged operations or otherwise closed their doors. Alan’s vision, expertise, and commitment to the real estate industry is fostered by his organizational and technical experience in sales, combined with his unwavering commitment to serve his country in the United States Marine Corp from 1998 to 2001. Alan has a laser focus on ensuring hat the strategic and tactical components of running a company, while servicing its clients, employees, and shareholders alike are at the forefront of his day. Alan is prepared to launch several projects that focus on his mission of giving back to the community, as well as educating his sphere of influence along the way.

First Lending Solutions specializes in mortgages. As a full-service mortgage broker, their focus is on all different mortgages ranging from jumbo loans, super jumbo, conforming mortgages, and niche products. Even if you are in the midst of difficult circumstances or have had bad credit, First Lending Solutions will work with you to receive the best residential mortgage loan possible. Their goal is to help you obtain this mortgage in the shortest time-span and the least amount of hassle.

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