About Elite Auctions

The Norris Group would like to especially thank Elite Auctions, now a four-time supporter of I Survived Real Estate. The Norris Group successfully auctioned its office building in 2007 and have used Elite several times since. We appreciate their friendship and service. You can hear Randy and Mike Grigg on our radio show. You can visit their business at www.sellwithauction.com.

The goal of Elite Auctions is to help people sell their properties as quickly as possible and at the highest price.  Originally they worked with residential real estate, but now their business includes commercial property, land, farms, and ranches.  Randy and Mike made sure they were well-prepared to sell other’s properties by first experimenting for two years with their own properties.  Since then they have helped many sell their properties quickly and efficiently, both Realtors and Realtors looking for good deals for their clients.

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