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Where they have transformed how people sell their homes with a better way of doing business. Now you can sell your house without paying a dime in commissions or closing costs!

More Than A Real Estate Company

At Fair Trade Real Estate, we can make a same-day cash offer for a home and close in as little as 7 days, but that’s not what makes us different. With us, you get to work with licensed professionals without all the traditional nonsense, whether a family is looking to avoid foreclosure, in a distressed situation, or you just don’t want the hassle of selling the traditional way – we’re here to help.


With Fair Trade Real Estate, never lose out on prime investment properties in sunny Southern California. Get direct access to all the exclusive, off-market investment real estate in six SoCal counties. Enjoy investor pricing on unique real estate opportunities from Los Angeles County to the San Bernardino Valley. And finally say goodbye to closing costs or commissions when investing in California with Fair Trade Real Estate. Call one of our agents at 949-979-4968 or fill out our online form below to learn more!

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