Since 2013, LA South REIA has been committed to serving and advancing Southern California’s real estate investing community. Our mission is to educate, promote, and protect our members who dedicate themselves to providing safe, modern, and affordable housing across the Southland. LA South REIA was founded to help real estate investors prosper financially, invest with integrity, and make a positive impact on neighborhoods we serve.


LA South REIA sponsors over 50 educational classes, seminars, and workshops every year. Our events are hosted and led by active, expert investors teaching you the most profitable strategies in investing today. Whether you are new to investing or a seasoned pro, we understand your need for market-driven knowledge and teach skills to help you succeed.


We champion the advancement of the real estate industry and promote the investing careers of our members. LA South REIA is proud of the work our members do to improve futures for their families by rebuilding neglected properties, stabilizing communities, and supplying affordable housing across Southern California.


Along with National REIA, LA South REIA actively works to advance the local and national real estate industry as well as the promote the rights of our members. Our goal is to ensure that all investors retain their ability to work and prosper, unhindered by unfair policy or legislation.

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