PropertyRadar is the only professional’s tool that provides the data, software, and analytics to solve real world problems across ALL properties in California, not just those in the foreclosure process as offered in ForeclosureRadar®. PropertyRadar is the completion of a larger vision for real estate data and analytics, known as the “superset”, absorbing and significantly expanding beyond ForeclosureRadar.

Real Estate Investors know that using technology in order to gain a competitive edge is critical in today’s market. While real estate investment opportunities are becoming more challenging to find in California, PropertyRadar is the only software with the data and analytics is needed to define OR REDEFINE your business strategy in a rapidly changing climate.

And, just as ForeclosureRadar was the perfect service at the perfect time, PropertyRadar is now the MOST VALUABLE business tool an investor can have in this market TODAY. The sooner you start leveraging the software, data and analytics, the sooner you will GET ON YOUR GAME and OUTSMART the competition SAVING TIME and MAKING MONEY while getting the intelligence you need to achieve HIGH ROIs.


The complete software is available for a complimentary 3 Day Trial. There are NO obligations, NO bait-and-switch, and NO worries.”

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