Realty Executives Inland Empire

Realty Executives of Riverside was spawned in 1990, by the genius of two business women with broad serving and virtuous careers in the California Real Estate Industry. It was their desire to create an elite Real Estate company that would not only attract the top salespeople from Riverside and surrounding areas, but those individuals with character, a high regard for ethics and strong moral certitude. As sought, the office evolved into an ethnically diverse composition of the most professional Realtors in Riverside. The office boasts a multiplicity of six languages, offering service to just about anyone.

Our business model is unique for our industry. Our salespeople are referred to as “executives”; hence the name of the company. Essentially, each executive is a self-contained business professional supported by his broker and an international headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. The space or suite responsibility is sustained by the individual executive. The office is staffed to serve every need of the executives. The office is replete with an executive operations manager, receptionist, transaction coordinator, information technology specialist, career development counselor/ombudsman and consultant; plus a general manager and real estate broker.

The second generation, overseeing the conduct of the daily operation of the company, is a triumvirate of native Riversiders each having over 20 years experience in the real estate profession. The interests and talents of the 3 managers represent an obvious mélange, but never-the-less remaining dedicated to the fundamental concepts of the founders; to have a corps of executives of unquestionably lofty character and knowledge. As our company enters its third decade in Riverside amidst an inordinately challenging economy our deepest concerns are about our clients, community and maintaining the viability of our business so better to serve.

Realty Executives of Riverside, has in excess of 80 licensed executives and broker associate executives. The Company is involved in all the diversities and miscellanies of the real estate industry with specialist overseeing different niches. The residential focus is the concern of the entire general staff; the commercial, land, industrial sales and leasing is guided by a 39 year senior broker associate; our staff consultant directs individual executives with some of the less frequent sales such as probate, mobile homes, bulk sales (business and residential), mineral and water right sales and leases while also working with water damage restoration companies from this website, while also consulting from a non-legal point of view regarding riparian rights, and on property management. Our REO and Short Sale groups are all credentialed and have experience in two challenging recessions on their resumes. Furthermore, we are prepared to travel anywhere in the State of California on behalf of our clients. Our primary geographical focus remains the counties of Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and less frequently Ventura and Kern. This Brokerage has made it a point and purpose to have the expertise and experience to perform most facets of the Real Estate Industry with acuity and dispatch.

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