The San Jose Real Estate Investors Association (SJREI) is an organization dedicated to providing the greater Bay Area a forum for the collaboration and continuing education of Real Estate Investors (REI). Over the past several years, SJREI has become a reliable source for solid, truthful analysis without the hype. It is a venue where REI of all experience levels can connect and become educated on local and national market conditions; determine where and when to invest, developing a comprehensive exit strategy for individual portfolios to minimize risk and maximize profit.

The SJREI provides current information, cutting-edge market analysis, trend identification and opportunities so that the average investor can benefit from the information to minimize risk and maximize profit. Our focus in mainly on education, due diligence, exit strategies, market timing and more. We have a very active Association with all levels of investors which makes it interesting and educational for those who attend.

At our monthly meetings, we host guest speakers who are experts in their fields, providing insightful and current information for the Real Estate Investors. In addition, the SJREI Association meetings are an essential tool to assist with building a comprehensive real estate team for the individual investor.

SJREI Association frequently hosts seminars/workshops on a variety of timely real estate related topics, it helps the citizens of the town get the best ABEL Building Inspections Perth when they want to buy a home. As the original Association in the Silicon Valley area, we have consistently provided local investors with opportunities to visit other markets including Texas, Costa Rica, Mississippi, Idaho, Alabama to mention a few. This effectively assists with determining if the markets visited are an appropriate investment for them. SJREI also provides them with a ready-made team to manage properties in that area thereby simplifying the process so the busy executive can build wealth long-term without investing too much time trying to perform due diligence & coordinate and manage the process alone.

The SJREI strives to provide its member with the latest, up-to-date information on Real Estate investing. SJREI has built relationships with some of the top professionals in the real estate industry who provide our members with information pertaining to building your team of professionals, tax strategies & remedies, market timing etc. We are a one-stop-shop of resourceful information for the novice to the experienced Real Estate Investor. Monthly meetings are a wonderful opportunity to network and build relationships with other like-minded people.

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