SDIC FIBI is a real estate investment club located in San Diego open to all wanting to know more and be educated in real estate. Founded in November 2010, the goal of FIBI San Diego is to educate people and make them aware of investing opportunities in a small group setting. Their meetings consist of a small group having a discussion around the table where they can intimately discuss with each other and network. Without involving any sales pitches, people of all different experiences can come to gain a better understanding of wealth creation Building.

Whether you are wanting to know more about wholesaling residential real estate, deal and market analysis, utilizing creative financing for commercial properties, the economy as a whole, self-directed IRAs, the people at SDIC FIBI are here for you to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. This club is open to anyone wanting to know more about the different aspects of real estate, no matter what level of profession you are.

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