South Orange County Real Estate Club

The South Orange County REC meets the last Thursday of every month at The Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills. We are a “no pitch” investment club focusing heavily on real estate networking, deal making and education. Every meeting starts with 30 minutes of networking followed by house keeping and a market update. We allow all our guests the opportunity to announce any real estate needs they have or deals they are offering, but for these the houses need to be ready for sell, so the use of different services to prepare the house are needed, like construction services and maintenance services like plumbing or electrical services, fortunately, for this, you can get help from professionals like the Austin electrician. Finding an affordable Nerang electrician? MCH Electrical provide on quality electrical services, exceptional customer service, and more affordable rates to all local residents. Contact electrician Nerang services today!

We start networking at 6:30 PM.  We start off with announcements & guests can also present deals & announcements.  After the evening you are welcomed to stay at the hotel in the restaurant for a drink & network.

This group is for anyone interests in real-estate investing. All skills are welcomed – novice investor to the well-experienced investor. We have started this group because we are learning about and networking with real-estate investors. This group is for all interested in residential and commercial real-estate, as well as agents.

We are about networking.  Our meetings are about finding and locating deals.  We have brokers, agents, investors, and private money at all of our meetings.

We will discuss how we are finding deals, where to locate deals, and join others in networking.  We are not legal binding and highly recommend that you run any deals that you get in the group by a real-estate attorney.

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