The Appraisal Institute was established in 1932 and is made up of real estate appraisers from all over the world. Joined by them are 23,000 valuation professionals from 60 different countries all gathering to promote ethics and promote professionalism and different methodologies in their worldwide development of property economics. Those involved are well educated through different programs, and many have received designations of MAI, SRPA, and SRA.

The Appraisal Institute educates its members on appraising commercial and residential real estate and is known worldwide. They are also the largest publisher on works relating to real estate appraisals in the world and offers its members a good, well-rounded education, whether you are new or have had years of experience. In addition, members can find a plethora of information on real estate appraisals they need at the Lum Library, which the Appraisal Insitute has access.

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