Aaron Norris

Aaron Norris

Aaron Norris

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Aaron Norris was Vice President of The Norris Group. His role at The Norris Group included loan officer, investor relations, business development, as well as marketing. Aaron has been in the real estate field for over a decade having worked in the construction and design industry before joining The Norris Group in 2005. His many decades of acting, which included off Broadway play, made spectacular public speaker.   He would regularly be asked to speak nationally on topics like artificial intelligence, robotics, shared economy, virtual & augmented reality, FinTech and iBuyers.

Aaron was a content making machine.  Aaron hosted the weekly award-winning Real Estate Headline Roundup Vlog as well as  The Norris Group’s award-winning radio show and podcast.   He was a talented writer that wrote many great articles for BiggerPockets.com, ThinkRealty Magazine and Forbes.

But his biggest impact was in turning Bruce Norris’s education into something that was more accessible to all investors.  He created the TNG VIP Subscription where you could find the best California Investment education anywhere.  The California Investor Series would help so many real estate investors get started or enhance their careers.  It features over 50 hours of education, always with market timing in mind.

Over the years you would be able to catch Aaron at investor clubs and realtor associations talking about technology and innovative marketing.  Aaron was committed to keeping “Main Street” real estate investors and local realtors relevant in the ever changing real estate investing landscape.

Aaron favorite event of the year was one that he cherished for many reasons.  In a year of the biggest turmoil for our industry Aaron created “I Survived Real Estate,” The Norris Group’s annual charity gala held at The Nixon Presidential Library.  The event crossed the Million Dollars raised threshold in 2020!

On July 1, 2022, Aaron Michael Norris passed away from Stage 4 Intimal Sarcoma, a very rare form of cancer.  While fighting cancer, Aaron continued to live his life, going on trips with friends, supporting colleagues in the real estate world, and simply being the best person you could want to have around in any situation.

His last act was to create the Aaron Norris Creative Fund that lives on after him to help support Arts Programs in the Inland Empire.  Aaron’s impact on everyone he touched will be felt for a lifetime.

“Say yes to weird, to interesting, and scary things.  Collect and cherish your champions.  Work to find opportunities in every disappointment.  And please be generous with your time, talent, and treasure.”Aaron Michael Norris