Testimonials for John and Peter

In honor of the 10th anniversary of I Survived Real Estate, we will be honoring TWO mentors with the Rohny Award. The Rohny is a lifetime achievement and mentorship award named after the late, great Jim Rohn. Peter Fortunado and John Schaub will be flying out to California to be presented with the awards.

Yes, they know they are getting the award. What they don’t know is we create an awesome testimonial video from investors they have impacted. John and Peter have been educating for decades and we want them to know how much we appreciate their leadership in the industry.

This is where you come in…

We are looking for testimonial videos from people, like you, that have been influenced by Peter and/or John’s education. John and Peter will be given all testimonials and a highlight reel will be shown at the live event.

Participation is super easy. And we’d LOVE if you’d share the video idea with investors you think would like to help us honor these two greats.

Option 1: We’ll do the heavy lifting (Sep. 1)

The Norris Group is arranging a day here at the office in Riverside for you to come in and record a testimonial. We are shooting on Friday, September 1 from 1pm-4pm. Call the office at 951-780-5856 and ask for Joey who will set you up for a 10-minute session. We’ll have the camera and mic all set up for you to come in and shoot. Keep reading to find out more what we’re looking for as far as the testimonial.

Option 2: Fly solo (Due Sep. 7)

We don’t want to stifle your creativity and recording on your own is great. We ask that you do create individual videos for John and Peter if you decide to do both. We are creating separate pages for each of them and it will be difficult if there’s crossover. Most people will cover the following kinds of information in the short video:

  • Please, share your name and city at the beginning
  • How you met John and/or Peter
  • When you took John/Peter’s class/lunch sessions/mentorship
  • Briefly describe your first experience in one of their classes. You can even give us your best facial reaction to the very first time you took their class (this will be a funny moment)
  • What their mentorship/education has meant to your life and family
  • Any funny or special moments, any favorite quotes or sayings
  • Your favorite take away from their education
  • Please end the video by saying “Thank you John/Peter!” (depending on which video you are recording)

Recording Tips of the Stars

If you’re recording on your own, we want you to look and sound brilliant. Most newer cell phones have great cameras capable of awesome video. Use what you have. The video should be upbeat and fun. See https://isurvivedrealestate.com/speaker/mic-blackwell/ for examples of last year. The top video is what we aired at the live event. The videos links under are the individual full testimonials so you can see.

Here is last year’s combined video:

Here’s a link to one of the entire testimonial videos: https://vimeo.com/187872796 . You can find all the videos from last year HERE.

Here are some tips:

Shoot wide. Please make sure the video is shot in wide screen format (the video shows on a horizontal screen at the live event). You’ll need to turn your phone horizontally.

Good lighting! Avoid dark rooms or where the light behind you overpowers the video and makes it difficult to see you. We want to see your beautiful face.

Good sound! Shoot in a quiet location and be as close as possible to the recording device so we get great, clear audio.

Be creative and be you. I don’t want to stifle your testimonial. Make it uniquely you. Sincerity is the most important thing. The video will go on ISurvivedrealestate.com in its entirety unless you tell me otherwise. However, I’ll grab the best 10-15 second piece(s) for the highlight reel. So when you create the video, help me out by building something in knowing I’m looking for sound bites. Or, create a separate short that captures your favorite moment with John and/or Peter. Need help? 951-780-5856 or aaron@thenorrisgroup.com

By September 7. You can get the video to me in a number of ways. Last year, the easiest was using a site like Dropbox to get it from your mobile device to me.

It is important to get all clips in by September 7th so The Norris Group can do a good job editing.

We Sold Out!

Yes, “I Survived Real Estate 2017” has sold out. If you’d like to be placed on a cancellation list, please contact joey@thenorrisgroup.com. Or, as we get closer to the event, see the site to learn how to enjoy the live feed online at no charge starting at 7pm PST/10pm EST. Also, HousingWire has confirmed they will help us live stream the event on their Facebook page! So those out of state can also enjoy.


Aaron Norris