What is the Collective Genius?

  • Exclusive, Confidential Masterminds Up to Four Times/Yr With 130 Market Leading Investors Averaging North of 100 Transactions per Year, That Will Challenge the Way You Think About Your Business.
  • You Must Do 50 or More Transactions per Year or Have a Rental Portfolio of 50 Units or More to Qualify for an Invitation.
  • And You Need to Be Cool…TOO.

The Mission

Our mission is to passionately help our privileged members create an amazing lifestyle through growing and protecting their real estate businesses by providing an environment that fosters community, connection, collaboration and contribution.

The Vision

The Collective Genius is the leading destination for the nation’s elite real estate investors looking to experience exponential growth not only in their business, but as human beings. That very growth will be fostered by maintaining core values that place giving before receiving, and family first.

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