Fannie Mae’s Doug Duncan Joins the Panel For I Survived Real Estate 2015

The Norris Group is proud to welcome back Doug Duncan to this year’s I Survived Real Estate panel. Doug spoke previously on last year’s panel and is happy to once again be a part of this event.

As the Vice President and Chief Economist for Fannie Mae, Doug has provided leadership to the organization and hours of research on the market adn housing industry. Through this research, he is able to provide forecasts and analyses on the housing industry and market as well as for the economy and mortgage industries. Duncan was previously the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at the Mortgage Bankers Association prior to his role for Fannie Mae. He is also a member of the Policy Advisory Board Executive Committee at the Burnham-Moores Real Estate Center at the University of San Diego, the Advisory Board of the National Foundation for Credit Counselors, and American Economics Association and the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association. He was named one of the country’s top four most accurate economists by the Wall Street Journal in 2010 as well as one of Bloomberg / BusinessWeek’s 50 Most Powerful People in Real Estate.

For more information, you can read his full bio here.

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