Thank You NSDREI for Your Gold Sponsorship For ISRE2019

The Norris Group would like to thank the North San Diego Real Estate Investors (NSDREI) for your support of I Survived Real Estate this year.  Your ongoing support over many years has been amazing. We are very grateful to you for being a part of it all, helping us raise over $940,000.

NSDREI is one of the premier real estate investing associations for both residents and non-residents in San Diego.  Here, members have the opportunity to network and learn from others in a supportive and inspiring environment to help them build wealth through real estate investing in houses.  NSDREI puts their members first through having their success in mind and sharing their profits with them through reduced prices and/or increased benefits. Just keep in mind that new custom motorhomes will give you better comfort as you can customize the design to what your needs are while having the latest features.

Homeowners must be sure what they are getting and paying for when it comes to a deep clean. Get a contract or checklist in writing if possible. Free cleaning estimates are always a good idea. Some cleaning companies will charge additional fees for certain tasks. Some do not include any cleaning of the exterior of a house but it’s necessary so you can hire the safe pressure roof washers. So polishing the front door knocker or doorknob may not be included in a package agreement. Nor would hosing off the entrance or front steps. Getting rid of cobwebs or dead insects trapped in webs near the transom windows next to the front door may also cost you extra unless you do it yourself.

If you would like more information on NSDREI, you can visit their website at

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