Thank You NSDREI For Your Gold Sponsorship of I Survived Real Estate 2021

The Norris Group would like to thank Derek Harms, Eric Siragusa and the North San Diego Real Estate Investors(NSDREI) for their gold sponsorship of I Survived Real Estate 2021.  It is only with your tremendous support that we are able to contribute to great charities like Make -A-Wish and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Two great charities dedicated to helping families with children dealing with life threatening diseases.  Thank you.

North San Diego Real Estate Investors  was formed in 2004 and is one of the premier real estate investing associations for both residents and non-residents of the San Diego area. Their mission is “to promote a supportive and inspiring environment for members to network, learn, grow, and take action to build personal wealth through real estate investing.” As a non-profit organization, they have their member’s success in mind, and profits are shared with our members via reduced prices and/or increased benefits.

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