Thank you so much NorcalREIA for your Gold Sponsorship

Thank you so much David Granzella and NorcalREIA for supporting I Survived Real Estate 2015 again this year through your gold sponsorship. We really appreciate the help and support you have given us every year since the event’s inception to help make it possibel and more special.

Thank you so much for the support you have given us all these years, especially with coming all the way from up north. We also really wanted to thank you for having your real estate club to reach out to those in the Sacramento area interested in real estate. Thank you so much for the well-rounded education you offer to help people not only to invest and aquire wealth, but to make, as you say, CALCULATED decisions to be certain of their decisions. We know through your education and club many have benefited in both aquiring and retaining their earned wealth.

For more information about NorcalREIA, you can visit them on the web at

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