Thank You SDCIA For Your PLATINUM Sponsorship For I Survived Real Estate 2021

The Norris Group would like to thank San Diego Creative Real Estate Investors Association for supporting I Survived Real Estate again this year through your platinum sponsorship.  Your help and support over the last several years has meant so much to us and to the charities.

SDCIA, San Diego’s oldest real estate investor club, consists of people with a wide range of real estate experience. Our members include professional brokers, agents, lenders, as well as a large group of investors whose experience ranges from none to many years.

Whatever your level of understanding and expertise, we feel confident that you will benefit from and be comfortable with the members of SDCIA.

We are committed to networking, creativity and knowledge in order to increase your success in real estate investments.

Come join us and you will find a group of people willing and able to support your accomplishments in creative real estate investing.

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